Get Fit Wine Tasting 7.28.17

July 26, 2017

FitVine wines are fermented with a process that produces wine with less sugar, carbs and calories than typical wines. They also use a special filtering process that removes most of the sulfites. Read more about FitVine Wines

Try some this Friday, July 28th from 5:30 – 7:30 at Nature Nook

Frenzy Sauvignon Blanc
FRENZY is a name inspired by the myriad, uncontrollable forces of nature that must fall into place in order to make great wine. It also connotes the numerous, vivid aromatic and flavor characteristics you will find in this New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. Priced to offer exceptional value, FRENZY doesn’t compromise in its display of peach, grapefruit, lime, melon and fresh-cut grass characteristics, all enveloped in a brisk, refreshing acidity that will complement a wide range of foods.

FitVine Chardonnay
This refreshing Chardonnay has aromas of pears and lemon custard, citrus swirls and a hint of vanilla. A full bodied dry wine with a long crisp finish, it’s fermented in stainless steel instead of oak. This wine is clean and crisp while full flavored, double-filtered and cold stabilized.

Per 5oz glass average approximately, 90 calories and 3g of carbohydrates at 13.4% alcohol and ~0.2g of sugar. Sulfites <.35ppm

Vinum Pinot Noir
This Pinot Noir has a deep garnet color with ripe cherry and strawberry rhubarb, backed with earthy tones and subtle clove spice. Simply put, it has the Pinot Noir perfume backed with earthy spice. On the palate the wine is a full bodied Pinot with finesse. It is very Burgundian in style in its reserved use of oak, yet it is sappy on the palate with rich, sweet cherry and soft tannins. This is a serious Pinot Noir that drinks better than most wines at twice the price.

FitVine Cabernet Sauvignon
A classic Cabernet nose of currant, lavender, black licorice and a hint of new oak. Rich purpose soft tannins wrap around flavors of cedar, boysenberry and coffee, chocolate with a hint of leather. Full flavored, clean taste with a smooth finish.

Per 5oz glass average approximately, 95 calories and 3.4g of carbohydrates at 13.9% alcohol & ~0.2g of sugar